With so much competition at present for jobs, and rapid changes constantly happening in the workplace now is the perfect time to take stock of your career. Feeling stuck in a rut at work and need fresh motivation? Actively looking for a change? Want to return to the workplace after a break? Put these tips into practice to stay in control and future-proof your career:

  • Career reflection: write down what you are best at. Think of the things at work or home that come naturally to you or that others seek your help with. For example, transferable skills include organising events, building customer relationships, negotiating or leading a team. Focus on your top three skills and write down several examples of achievements you have had using each skill. Try to quantify your success wherever possible. Consider whether you saved money or time, improved customer satisfaction scores or gained new business
  • Update your CV: Include the achievements you have identified in your CV. This activity helps to build self-confidence and focuses on the positive successes you have had. Make a diary note to refresh your CV every quarter of the year with new examples. Now you will always be ready to make a job application whenever it is needed
  • Build strong relationships: Two thirds of open positions are filled via networking so relationship building is critical. Keep in touch regularly with former colleagues, managers, suppliers and clients by creating a profile on LinkedIn. This is the world’s most widely used online business networking site. Do build a reputation for being helpful. Share information, advice, interesting articles and contact names with others
  • Develop your expertise: Keep up to date with latest learning. It will differentiate you from other applicants and it doesn’t need to cost you anything. Take a free online course, attend a local conference, listen to a work-related podcast whilst at the gym or ask to shadow someone in a work area you are interested in
  • Volunteer: Whatever your current situation this is a great way to gain new skills or share your expertise. This wider network might help you gain a new job in the future. It can also show high levels of energy and commitment to a future employer. Remember to add it to your CV!

If you would like help to put these career resolutions into action then do get in touch sally@swcareercoaching.com